Larny Mack

Larny Mack

Starting at the age of 13 shooting a local Battle of the Bands, Larny got his first taste of photography. He recognized right away that making 8×10’s of the band members was a lot more satisfying than mowing lawns.

From there he got involved in every type of photography he could. He had help from many, including the local camera store owner, portrait studio, and Police Department photographers. One of the most influential was Larnys’ own father, Virgil, who was a graduate of Brooks Institute. He pushed the absolute necessity of communication. “What’s the story, what are you trying to say to your viewer”.

Photography carried Larny through high school and college, where he majored in music composition and orchestration. It seemed no matter where he turned photography was a part of his life. He photographed local musicians, shot for the local papers and magazines and after a short (9 year) career in computer programming, Larny was drawn back into photography. Little did he know that all that computer background would put him way ahead of the pack with digital imagery.

Now focusing on advertising and architectural photography, Larny looks for the vision that his clients had when they created their product or architectural space.  In every respect, Larny keeps saying, “It’s not about me, it’s their vision”. “It’s how they want to tell their story?”

Larny asks his clients such questions as who’s the audience, is this a day or night room, what’s the mood or feeling you want to convey? Some new clients aren’t used to all the questions but once the project gets under way the reasons all become clear. “They begin seeing the digital samples and that’s when they really start to understand. We work together from the beginning to craft their story and viewer message. If needed, we even engage focus groups. Whatever it takes….”



  1. Now that’s what they call reading between the lines folks!

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