Posted by: larnymackblog | April 7, 2014

Home of the Year Award for 2014

What a nice Christmas gift. I (My client and I) got the “Home Of The Year” award in the January Issue of San Diego Home/Garden. This was for our San Diego architectural photography. This typical 50’s single story Ranch was magically transformed into a 2-story Hamptons style home located in La Jolla, CA.


This is a “Campout” image. I blend exposures from key time points over a 2+ hour period.

My assignment was quite extensive, running three full days of shooting. Add to that, several days of post production. It was well worth it as it shows off everyone’s talents and won Home of the Year. There’s not much more that can be said. Seeing is believing.

Here is a wonderful shot across the pool looking back to the house. This one causes lots of drooling. Can’t you see yourself enjoying the cool water at the end of the pool while watching your favorite game?

Work Flow (Some of you asked)
Our process differs from many photographers. We are hired by, shoot and produce for the highest caliber of image usage. This usually translates to books, advertising and show submissions. Website and portfolio usage is obviously included. For contests in particular, it requires getting past the judges’ first and second rounds of elimination. This is where top notch photos will keep you in the running. Many worthy design projects have been discarded due to images being shoddy or “Good Enough”. I know, I have re shot several projects and they’ve won.

We start with a preliminary inspection of the project where we shoot scouting photos. For this one we shot over 150 angles. We meet with the principles, in this case, IS Architecture . Then we narrow our shot list and determine the best time to shoot each image (i.e. morning, afternoon, night etc.). The number of images and their difficulty determines how many hours/days for the project. We also ascertain what props and styling will be required. While props are being gathered, we outline what additional lighting gel masking (color correction) and additional rigging/gear is needed. On the day of the shoot, we all converge and get to work. There is myself, the architect (principle), stylist, and assistant(s).

Then we commence: Hard work, lots of fun, blah, blah, blah.

After the shoot it’s my turn to personally handle the post production. I don’t farm this out. Since I was there and crafted the shots, I know what I want. No one else can. This can make or break an image and I believe it’s part of the creative process.

Larny-Mack--La-Jolla-family-room-1Take a look at the rest of the images in our architectural photography gallery at Larny Mack Photography.

You can also pick up a copy of the January edition of San Diego Home/Garden. The architect on this project is IS Architecture.


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