Posted by: larnymackblog | August 11, 2006

New Kid on the Block

36 hours after I pulled the U-Haul trailer up to my new residence in Oceanside, CA, I found myself standing outside the studio of Larny J. Mack Photography, Starbucks coffee in hand. An apple for the teacher was now a Venti for my new boss.

My name is Lynna Jamison and I am the new kid in town. With the job title of “Project Manager,” I will be responsible for marketing and client relations, assisting Larny on photo shoots, and processing digital files once the job is done. Aside from his lovely wife Becky, I just got hired as Larny’s right-hand woman.

Studying at Brooks Institute of Photography prepared me for the diversity and sophistication of the work produced by Larny Mack. Four years at the University of San Diego caused me to pursue this particular position with a fervor that I might not have felt for a similar career opportunity based in Milwaukee, for example.

My first day of training was going well when a very strange and rare thing happened. Larny told me that he was taking a few days off. Becky was forcing him on a pseudo-vacation, a long weekend for the sake of their personal sanity.

Larny and Becky would spend a couple of days reminiscing their childhoods at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. I rejoiced and ran around the studio emptying all the trash cans I could find. I would actually have some time to unpack and settle into my new place.

We all came back the next week refreshed and ready to work. Larny, who is a talented pianist, complained about the under-representation of Peanuts’ Schroeder at Knott’s Berry Farm. He brought home a caricature of himself drawn by Christian Zamorano, an illustration and design major working at the park for the summer. This time, Larny got to be the model. He was drawn with a camera in his hands and a fashion runway off to the side. Two women dressed in black appear to be coming down the catwalk. Typical of his location, the waves of Oceanside are rising up behind him.


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