Posted by: larnymackblog | April 19, 2006

Habitat for Humanity
We were given the opportunity recently to donate our services for a good cause. Smith Brothers Construction, a client of ours, donated their construction services and expertise to Habitat for Humanity’s Milane Lane Subdivision project in Escondido. The project hopes to build 5 homes in 5 days for 5 struggling families. We were approached to provide the photography at the Ground Breaking ceremony and to photograph the progression of the houses during construction. How could we say no? Personally, I have always wanted to work with Habitat for Humanity in some way and it’s not always that easy to pack up and run off to Thailand or somewhere. So this experience was rewarding for all of us at the studio. The ceremony that we photographed took place in the middle of a downpour. I mean, we were literally holding down the easy-ups that were provided. (The event took place outside). The best thing about it though was the wonderful energy that everyone exuded. Everyone seemed happy to be there, including the Mayor of Escondido Lori Holt Pfeiler. Even representatives from Coldwell Banker, KB Homes, John Laing Homes, Laird Norton, Lanoga, and Dixieline Lumber seemed to be enjoying themselves. All in all it was a heart warming and intimate gathering that we were only too glad to be a part of. Feel free to browse through our images of the event!



  1. Hi Larny!!! Hi Becky!!! ya’ll are just too kewl now, with your very own blog! just don’t know what to think- you are really 21rst Century!!! I’m beyond impressed!!!

    I love ya… always did, especially since ya’ll made me look so darn HOT in that pic you took!!! dang! sizzlin’!!! all thanks to Larnymagik!!!

    Be excellent to each other… and Party on dudes!

  2. Thanks for helping out with this very worthy cause.

    Look at you Becky!!! Your own blog! Atta girl.

    Larny is one heck of a photographer!

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